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There is a company that makes a tent heater powered by propane, but a few years ago they stopped making the model that would...

There is a company that makes a tent heater powered by propane, but a few years ago they stopped making the model that would work the best for tents and TD, instead they now sell a very expensive large capacity one that mostly seems aimed at the military and others with big tents to heat. I figured waste oil heater plans pdf has to be a cheap way to make heat for tents and TD’s that uses common hardware store items. I think I figured it out. My idea is simple, a kerosene lantern, which is used by most of the people in the world, and two mailboxes.

I found a site that reports that most people in the world without electricity use kerosene lanterns, and stoves, most of these are not vented to the outdoors, and this causes quite a few lung problems. SO WORK CAREFULLY, SEAL ALL YOUR SEAMS, AND IF IT IS WINDY OUT USE THE 12v FAN FOR POSITIVE PRESSURE SAFTEY. One other note, while a candle is a better-than-nothing source of heat, it actually coats the inside of your tent, TD, and lungs with wax as it burns, and anything that burns is using up the oxygen in your tent or TD, every year people don’t wake up in their tents due to using candles, lanterns, and stoves to heat.


For comparison, my house has a rather small oil boiler rated at 85,000 BTU’s, and a pellet boiler rated at 175,000 BTU’s, Most homes have 100,000 to 300,000 BTU rated systems. However my TD is about 40 square feet compared to 1,200 sq ft in my house.

For disaster or emergency use a kerosene lantern is your best bet in most cases for light and now for heat, most wick type lanterns will run on olive, jojoba and just about any type of oil, kerosene or lamp oil may not be around when you need more. RV hose flange, which ever you chose. TD heater make this hole in the side of the mailbox.

12 fan to the hole that will is closest to the mailbox door. I think you can figure out how to do this without instructions. 1″x1″ strapping glued to all the edges with construction adhesive or gorilla glue would also work but be slightly heavier. RTV along the top of the mailbox and glue the front panel in place.

I expect you can figure out how to make tent connections. MAKE SURE YOU TRY THIS OUT AT HOME IN THE BACKYARD FIRST BEFORE YOU GET OUT IN THE WILD WITH IT AND FIND IT DOESN’T DO WHAT I EXPECT IT WILL. I WOULD ALSO RECOMMEND YOU KEEP A CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTOR IN YOUR TENT IF YOU ARE GOING TO USE THIS, ┬áCO PUTS YOU TO SLEEP PERMANENTLY. The rest of the pictures here are an idea I had to use the “waste” heat from the tent heater to heat a pot of water, I don’t know if it would be worth much more than to melt a pot of snow overnight, or if it would even do that.

AIRTIGHT TRAILERS WILL KILL YOU! This design should work without the fan in a TD, but in windy conditions exhaust may be blown into the heat collector. The upper end of this mailbox is a heat trap, this is where the heat transfers to the trailer or tent air.

I would make it out of wood for a tent heater as then it won’t leak that much heat, compared to metal. DO NOT HEAT WATER IN AN UNVENTED TANK IT WILL EXPLODE.