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This excellent reference book was designed to general engineering knowledge for marine engineers pdf its readers a really comprehensive and professional insight into the...

This excellent reference book was designed to general engineering knowledge for marine engineers pdf its readers a really comprehensive and professional insight into the contemporary diesel injection and electronic control systems, mainly focusing on the minimization of the emissions to the atmosphere and on the treatment of exhaust gases. The technical innovations introduces by the specialists of the Bosch company in the diesel-injection field have significantly contributed to the boom in the diesel industry. Nowadays the technology of the motor vehicles is really complex and that is considered  the main reason why there is a serious need for a single and reliable source of technical information covering all components and systems of the engines.

This nice publication opens with a very brief but interesting historical overview, that is followed by the chapter describing the main areas where the diesel engines are commonly used. The next chapter explains the basic, fundamental principles of operation of the diesel engines, while the following chapter is concentrating on the fuel oils. The remaining chapters of the publication cover the rest of important aspects of the construction and operation of the subject type of engines, such as their control systems, common-rail systems, unit injector- and unit pump systems, pressure lines, sensors, start-assist arrangement, troubleshooting, service technology and so many others, covering even the emission-related legislation.

The main declared intention of the authors of this volume was to provide assistance to the piping engineers during the selection of valves for particular application and duly meeting all design parameters of specific process service. The book addresses virtually all types of valves and gives a good resume of the main concepts.

The content is fairly comprehensive, the explanations are clear and supplemented by illustrations. According to the reviews, the volume is remarkably instrumental and helpful when used for the calculation of the pressure drop. The commonly used packing materials have also been covered in detail.

This is an excellent choice for both specialists and novices. This latest edition will be equally useful for the designers and project engineers. There are several new chapters added and covering the valve locking devices and actuators, bleed- and double ball valves plus providing the useful glossary of terms.

Ten chapters of the book are focusing on the different important aspects of valve technology. Due attention was paid by the authors to the new generations of valves intended for use offshore. They are usually very powerful and heavy – should they be used incorrectly, these doors can easily harm and even kill people. The powered watertight doors of sliding type are normally fitted in watertight bulkheads subdividing the hull of the passenger, Ro-Ro and other vessels in watertight compartments.

They are installed to allow ship crew to move from one such compartment to another and, what is very important, to prevent spreading of the water through the hull in case of flooding. Should the water ingress in one watertight compartment, the closed door contains it in within that compartment and does not allow to flood further. Long story short, these doors play the critically important role in provision of the watertight integrity of the ship’s hull and, consequently, provision of the safety of all people on board.