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This article database book by korth pdf multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. This article may...

This article database book by korth pdf multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.

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As a result, many kinds of implementation and integration errors may occur in large database systems, which negatively affect the system’s performance, reliability, consistency and security. One of the most critical layers is the data access layer, which deals with databases directly during the communication process. Database testing mainly takes place at this layer and involves testing strategies such as quality control and quality assurance of the product databases.

Data is critical from a business point of view. Companies such as Google or Symantec, who are associated with data storage, need to have a durable and consistent database system. If database operations such as insert, delete, and update are performed without testing the database for consistency first, the company risks a crash of the entire system.

Some companies have different types of databases, and also different goals and missions. In order to achieve a level of functionality to meet said goals, they need to test their database system. The current approach of testing may not be sufficient in which developers formally test the databases. However, this approach is not sufficiently effective since database developers are likely to slow down the testing process due to communication gaps.

A separate database testing team seems advisable. Database testing mainly deals with finding errors in the databases so as to eliminate them. This will improve the quality of the database or web-based system. Database testing should be distinguished from strategies to deal with other problems such as database crashes, broken insertions, deletions or updates.

Here, database refactoring is an evolutionary technique that may apply. The figure indicates the areas of testing involved during different database testing methods, such as black-box testing and white-box testing. Various techniques such as Cause effect graphing technique, equivalence partitioning and boundary-value analysis. With the help of these techniques, the functionality of the database can be tested thoroughly.

Pros and Cons of black box testing include: Test case generation in black box testing is fairly simple. Their generation is completely independent of software development and can be done in an early stage of development. As a consequence, the programmer has better knowledge of how to design the database application and uses less time for debugging.

Cost for development of black box test cases is lower than development of white box test cases. The major drawback of black box testing is that it is unknown how much of the program is being tested. Also, certain errors cannot be detected. White-box testing mainly deals with the internal structure of the database.